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Last Updated: 03/11/24

Preclinical Development Stage NExT Projects

NExT projects in preclinical development are supported and managed through the NCI’s Developmental Therapeutics Program for small molecules and Biopharmaceutical Development Program for biologics.

Applicant Institute Project
Stephen Fesik Vanderbilt University Discovery of small molecule inhibitors of WDR5
Tin Tin Su SuviCa Developing a small molecule inhibitor of eEF2
Donald Kufe Dana Farber Cancer Institute Targeting MUC1-C with an ADC for Treatment of Aggressive Recalcitrant Cancers
Tony Giordano Abcon Therapeutics, Inc. ATX101 for Treating T-cell Lymphoma
Jan Schnitzer Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine Developing hAnnA1-based immunoconjugates for cancer detection and treatment
Kate Rittenhouse For-Robin hJAA-F11, a Humanized Anti-Thomsen Friedenreich Antibody for Cancer Therapy
Yuesheng Zhang Virginia Commonwealth University/Roswell Park PEPDG278D for Treatment of HER2-positive Breast Cancer
Crystal Mackall Stanford University CAR T Cells targetig Glypican-2 (GPC2) for children and young adults with recurrent and refractory neuroblastoma and medulloblatoma
John Lee Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center STEAP1 chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy for prostate cancer
Sidi Chen Yale Translating a metabolic enhancer for CAR-T towards IND-enabling stage
Kazusa Ishii NCI/CCR Clinical-Grade Vector Manufacturing for CD22 TCR-T Cell Therapy
Michael Demetriou University California, Irvine Immunotherapy targeting abnormal N-glycans for solid cancer
Jennifer Grandis University California, San Francisco Development of a Cyclic STAT3 Decoy Oligonucleotide (CS3D)
Jing Wu NCI/CCR [1-13C]-a-ketoglutarate as an Imaging Probe in IDH-mutant Gliomas
Patrick Grohar Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Development of AIT-102 (EC-8042) as a Targeted therapy for Ewing Sarcoma and Rhabdoid Tumor
Judith Leopold Mekanistic Therapeutics MTX-531, a first-in-class dual inhibitor of PI3K and EGFR for targeting solid tumors
Alan D'Andrea Dana Farber Cancer Institute Polymerase Theta Inhibitor Overcomes PARP Inhibitor Resistance
Ernesto Guccione Mt. Sinai IND-enabling studies for WNTinib, a novel selective therapeutic for CTNNB1 mutant hepatocellular carcinoma
Mark Suto Southern Research Institute DNA Methyltransferase_Td-Cyd
Mark Suto Southern Research Institute DNA Methyltransferase_Aza-TdC
Faller, Douglas Takeda Pharmaceuticals TAK-243, a small molecule UAE inhibitor
Linda Vahdat Dartmouth University Phase 2 randomized, placebo-controlled study of ammounium tetrathiomolybdate in TNBC
Leigh, Bryan  Tracon Pharmaceuticals Development of TRC102 as a Novel Inhibitor of Base Excision Repair