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Last Updated: 09/04/13

NExT Review Process

NExT Review Process

All NExT Program applications will be evaluated by a Special Emphasis Panel (SEP) consisting of non-NCI experts in cancer drug discovery and development. SEP members will evaluate each application using the following five criteria on a 1 to 9 scoring scale. Evaluation scores will be weighted such that scientific merit and feasibility are accorded the highest values in the final calculated score.

1. Scientific Merit (40%)
  • Is the hypothesis supported by the current state of the field?
  • What is the level of expectation of biological success brought by hitting the target?
2. Feasibility (30%)
  • What is the likelihood of success of the approach relative to the expense of the study?
3. Mission (10%)
  • What type of disease is targeted by the compound/approach?
4. Novelty (10%)
  • How much has the target/approach/chemistry been explored?
5. Clinical Need (10%)
  • What is the likely clinical impact of the proposed compound/approach?

The applications will undergo further scientific review by NExT Discovery or Development Committees composed of NCI staff with expertise in translational research and drug discovery and development. The NExT Committees' review will finalize the list of Top Tier applications from each cycle.