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Last Updated: 09/25/14


NExT Pipeline

NExT Pipeline Target Validation Exploratory Screen Development Screening?Hit-to-Lead Lead Development Candidate Selection Preclinical Evaluation Preclinical Evaluation Phase 0, Phase 1 Phase II Trial Phase III Trial

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The NCI’s Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) Program is designed to streamline development and testing of promising new anticancer drugs and to expedite their delivery to the bedside. The NExT Program, a partnership between NCI’s Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) and the Center for Cancer Research (CCR), consolidates NCI’s anticancer drug discovery and development resources in support of a robust and balanced therapeutics pipeline from new target validation through Phase III clinical trial evaluation.

NExT Program Overview

NExT Program Overview Application Submission Evaluation Enter Pipeline at any stage Discovery Stage Development Stage
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The NExT Program accepts applications focused on cancer therapeutic interventions and cancer-therapy related activities including but not limited to the development of medical devices and imaging agents. Special consideration is given to applications that address unmet needs in oncology, including approaches to exploit "undruggable" drug targets, orphan malignancies, and pediatric cancers.  The NCI will move high-priority discovery and early development projects through to proof-of-concept clinical trials and, when warranted, will continue non-commercial research and development activities on any discovery project in the NExT Program up through and including clinical trials.